SMART Chat - AI Chatbot


Human parity AI powered virtual web assistant pre-trained to answer thousands of user queries

SMART Chat is a human parity pre-trained AI assistant for your website. It provides accurate and instant answers from day 1 with a pre-trained language model that understands hundreds of topics and thousands of questions.

Our SMART Chat assistants are already being used across the UK's public sector including central government agencies, local government authorities, top 10 universities and the healthcare sector.


  • Reduced contact volumes: Less queries reach your agents as the AI answers first. More challenging cases are seamlessly routed to agents either via a CRM or with live chat integrated in Microsoft Teams.
  • Quicker resolutions: As users self-serve via AI, queries are resolved in minutes ay any time of day with no wait times. There is no limit to the number of concurrent users the AI can help.
  • Reduced costs: Save on man hours dedicated to first line support. Build your infrastructure plus help with retention and satisfaction of staff.
  • Improved user experience: Waiting times in hours and days become a thing of the past. Keep users on track and improve outcomes.


  • Pre-trained in user intents across hundreds of topics with thousands of variations. No training time or build time needed.
  • Human parity AI understanding of natural language, answering 90% of questions correctly without further clarification.
  • Supervised learning through our SMART Mesh network of connected AI Assistants that learn from each other.
  • Ethics and chit chat subsystems that protects your users and organisation equally to improve outcomes.
  • Embeddable on your website and mobile app. Deploy quickly with minimal support from your organisation.
  • Customised look and feel with a personality that reflects your organisation's brand and tone.
  • Integrated into your other systems for increased automation. Pull and push data into cloud based systems
  • WCAG 2.1 AA compliance for near universal accessibility across devices, screen sizes and visual impairments