IDEMIA IDway Enterprise solution


Digital Identity Management solution for Entreprises

Our IDway Entreprise solutions offers the ability to create, store and manage digital identities in a completely secure space with a high level of assurance.
It provides:
› Identity lifecycle management
Gives organizations full digital identity lifecycle management capabilities, which enables them to keep digital identities secure and accurate, and to enrich them over time. Once data attributes have been collected and verified during onboarding, a digital identity is created and stored. It can be enriched over time by collecting additional attributes, such as biometrics, ID documents….
› ID document and biometric database storage
Secure database storage of user ID document data and biometric templates, used for profile matching and data deduplication in compliance with local regulations and privacy laws.
› Data deduplication
1:N search and match of the identities presented during customer onboarding against existing ID document and biometric data. This ensures a fully-fledged database sanity check.
› Case management for manual adjudication
A web-based portal for human adjudication services that enables manual verification to complement the automated verification process
› ID orchestrator for workflow management
A workflow manager which enables service providers to easily integrate, deploy and customize identity services depending on the local regulatory framework, business needs, and the availability of data sources.

Value proposition:
Reliable customer database › Ensure uniqueness of identity › ID enrichment and continuous updates › Global user profile that unifies all identity attributes
Adaptability The design of custom solutions depends on: › Local identity frameworks and availability of ID proof › Local regulations › Specific business needs
Easy customization and integration › ID orchestrator: web-based tool to build workflows › Single API for all ID proofing, management and authentication workflows › Easy connection to third party services and data sources

Targeted industries: Financial industry, Mobile Operators, Insurance companies, Human Ressources...