Perspio - Data fusion platform for industries

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Asset management (fixed and mobile) on a whole new level through IoT and operational integration

Perspio™ connects assets, devices and operational systems to improve safety, efficiency and environmental performance of an operation.

Every operation has processes that could be enhanced and optimised. These could be anything from preventative maintenance to fleet management – or irrigation control to refuelling.

Perspio™ is a modular data fusion platform that helps your customers to truly realise their IoT use cases. The platform’s capability begins at ingesting data across a range of devices, connectivity and third-party cloud repository options. Then it uses that data to help you automate operational workflows and provide stakeholders with truly contextual recommendations.

No matter how far up or down the IoT journey you are, Perspio™'s modular components can help by brining in any relevant capabilities you’re missing. Better yet, it enables you to bring them in overnight, instead of requiring lengthy development the way that adding in new solution capabilities would usually do.