Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution

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Scalable solution designed to address modern day data validation challenges

Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution is a best-in class cloud native data automation solution that helps streamline and accelerate testing of Data Integration / Data Analytics platforms. This is a web based automated data quality and data integrity approach for accelerated validation. By bringing open source technologies and Azure native services together, the solution provides comprehensive technical approach for data validation between source and target database/files like Data quality checks (Duplicates records, missing records), Data reconciliation checks, and Data Validation Checks (Duplicates records, incorrect Pattern, Missing records). The solution helps to accelerate test execution by 50% and ensures 100% data validation coverage.

With exponential changes in volume, variety and velocity of data, Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution will enable your organization to strengthen their quality assurance processes to make sure that the data shared is consistent, relevant and timely.It is a scalable, performance-oriented, and highly secure data automation solution with below features

  • Performs exhaustive validation of data

Ensures data movement between any source or target is 100% validated. Supports File vs File, File vs DB, and DB vs DB.

  • Ensures data quality

Understands the nature and quality of the data sources. Performs data sanity test as a first step to ensure no bad data is being used for further processing leading to incomplete results. Scans and screens for any data quality issues

  • Enables data standardization

Standardizes the format for reconciliation of data.Objective is to do early validation to ensure corrupt files are not being processed further.

  • Integration of result reporting

Establishes two-way connection to update defect details. Can connect to most of the defect management tool.At the same time and result reports can be customized to the needs of the project.

  • Efficient execution of script

Executes multiple scripts in a serial manner by utilizing the batch mode feature