Infosys Genome Solution

โดย Infosys Limited

Accelerate delivery of your analytics pipeline through industrialization by 30%

Infosys Genome Solution is a deep domain data management and analytical solution that helps to drive analytics across the enterprise @ the speed of data and thought for high impact Business Outcomes for multiple industries

The solution builds entity-centric pre-fabricated behavioral attributes by collating both internal and external data which address 60-70% of data science (AI/ML) use cases and about 80-90% of BI reporting insights to help embed intelligence in Sales, Marketing, Customer journeys and Operational processes across channels in an accelerated manner.

It provides a platform for data preparation and analysis, such that insights generated from such data is stored, cross leveraged across use cases and also integrated with all business processes.  Insights itself can be integrated as data points for further analysis e.g. probability to respond to a campaign can be an output of a predictive model and an input data for segmentation thereby enabling analytics to enrich itself over time, catalyzing enterprise wide transformation.

Genome solution has been built for multiple industries across all cloud and on premise platforms. 

Solution building blocks:

  • Boundary-less data access

Open-source data platform that can be seamlessly integrated with the existing cloud or hybrid infrastructure of the enterprise. It provides seamless access to all varieties of data sources (real-time and batch) with pre-built adaptors leveraging virtualization and data ingestion as appropriate

  • Identity resolution

To create networked data products for various data sources

  • UI-based information modeling tool

To create & configure dimensions, transformation rules and analytical features. Data scientists can further create new information models & analytical attributes according to their analytics requirements.

  • Prefabricated and evolving analytical features

Prefabricated repository of analytical features to be cross leveraged for analytical use cases.

  • Model library and analytics workbench

Pre-built model libraries accelerate analytics. Data scientists can further develop a customized model using the integrated analytics workbench.

  • Integrated marketplace

Capability to search and discover data products and analytical features. It also provides the functionality to search for analytical models and visualizations available within the enterprise for collaboration and reuse