Infosys Information Grid

โดย Infosys Limited

A template driven data integration framework to create enterprise grade data pipelines in real time

Infosys Information Grid (IIG) leverages Azure native services to provide a secure and scalable data ingestion & processing framework to help the needs across the entire spectrum of stakeholders’ viz., Business & IT to enable agile data onboarding to accelerate the insights journey

It operates on the principles of “Design once, run anywhere”, “Metadata driven templatization”, “platform agnostic technologies”, “Enterprise grade security”, “Open source stack with no vendor lock in” and “ML driven augmented engineering”

Key features: Data acquisition (batch & real time), data cleansing, data transformation, , pipeline creation and scheduling, data lake management and security. 

IIG on Azure has resonated extremely well with clients across all industry verticals and has been deployed by `10 clients with benefits ranging from reduced IT spend, improving revenues (or profits), bringing in operational efficiencies & reducing risks.

  • It adds to cost savings of 30-50% in realization through lean data engineering team & re-usable components
  • It increases 100X speed through self-service data onboarding to the data lake.
  • It promotes scalability through metadata driven framework with distributed processing & Azure Native platform services to realize rapid scalability.
  • It aligns to enterprise security standards & seamless run time integration with Azure Key Stores
  • It provides comprehensive data lake management capabilities for data reliability

IIG provides speed, scalability, security, cost-efficiency and reliability for realizing boundaryless data foundation on Azure.