InteliLiving IoT Monitoring for Independent Living

โดย InteliCare Holdings Pty Ltd

Smart home monitoring with AI enables people to live independently safely during COVID-19.

InteliLiving uses smart home technology driven by AI to give families peace of mind so the elderly and people with disability can live independently safely during and after COVID-19. 

InteliLiving uses discrete smart home sensors (not cameras) to gather and share information from a household.  It learns daily routines and using advanced analytics detects changes in behaviour which is shared through a mobile phone app to authorised parties (family members, carers, neighbours etc.). 

For example, InteliLiving shows when a person has restless nights, which clinicians have identified as a symptom of early dementia or risk indicator of a future fall. By sharing rich information via a mobile phone app on a person's movements around the home, appliance use, house temperature and more, family members and carers can act early in supporting that person, avoiding potential health issues. The home becomes a member of the care team. 

How InteliLiving benefits seniors and people with disabilities and their families:

    • Intelligent home insights without cameras or invading privacy
    • 24/7 coverage of a household's behaviour, checking in on safety and well-being
    • No button pressing or battery charging required
    • Families have peace of mind that InteliLiving will alert them to a change in behaviour
    • Families receive well-being updates every day
    • People feel more comfortable and confident staying in their homes for longer
    • Avoid stressful conversations about moving a family member into aged or specialist care
    • Insights enable early prevention measures before serious incidents occur
    • Prevents selling the home to fund specialist (aged care)
    • In Australia: eligible for funding under My Aged Care's CHSP, Home Care Packages and NDIS
    • Reduced infection risk during COVID-19