Introhive for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Increase Microsoft Dynamics 365 adoption and accuracy while boosting sales efficiency and revenue

Introhive’s end-to-end platform helps increase Microsoft Dynamics 365 adoption and accuracy while boosting sales efficiency and revenue. When organizations employ Introhive and Dynamics 365, they’ll be able to use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data automation to help Dynamics 365 CRM users improve productivity to build deeper relationships, drive more revenue, and increase client retention.

With Introhive and Dynamics 365, you’re able to:

  • Unlock Evergreen CRM Data: Automate the mapping of contacts from corporate communications while automatically enriching and cleansing the data to help ensure the accuracy and completeness of information in Dynamics 365
  • Tap Into Your Relationships: Create relationship graphs in Dynamics 365 to visualize who knows who and how well to accelerate sales cycles
  • Automate Data Entry: Eliminate mundane data entry for users and drive greater adoption with automated contact and activity sync to Dynamics 365

  • Fuel Advanced Business Intelligence: Pipe rich relationship and business activity data into power BI and create insight-packed visualizations

Cleanup Microsoft Dynamics 365 enriched and accurate data

Did you know it costs $1 to verify if a contact record is correct, $10 to fix it, and $100 to do nothing.

Do the math on your current CRM data and you will agree the costs can be mind boggling. With Cleanse, organizations can ensure their Dynamics 365 data stays up-to-date and accurate while ensuring more time is spent on revenue-generating activities.

With Cleanse, Dynamics 365 users will be able to:

  • Grow Their Marketable Database: Discover more contacts from your business network to fuel Business Development, Marketing, and Customer Success efforts
  • Increase Accuracy of Dynamics 365: Maintain a 90%+ accurate database by proactively updating records
  • Boost Email Deliverability: Reduce bounce backs and maximize sales outreach and marketing campaign ROI
  • Save Time: Transform from reactive data quality management to proactive insights you can trust
  • Accelerate Sales Cycles: 5% to 15% increase in deal cycle time with AI-powered pipeline analytics