The base station of the future, right now.

โดย IoT.nxt

Telecommunications, The base station of the future, right now.

The IoT.nxt solution enhances existing ecosystems and enables companies to experience powerful resurgence with compelling benefits:
● The answer to complete base station management lies in having a single view of all connected devices within the ecosystem, enabling businesses to monitor, gain insights and learning from the data generated, unlocking improved utilization and optimization of areas like cooling and energy.
● IoT.nxt enables base station operators to protect investment into installed legacy equipment, transforming them into interoperative, interconnected, smart assets that can relate to everything else within the ecosystem. Imagine a world where only relevant alarms are raised when there is an issue, where all things are controlled at the edge and performances changed to match conditions.
● Knowing the status of all things in the base station ecosystem in real-time and building non-discretionary logic into this ecosystem fundamentally reduces waste at the source. The impact of this across the expansive value chain can be profound with large impact on the bottom line.