LEDOX365: End-to-end contract lifecycle management

โดย Join GmbH

Handle your contracts in a completely new way based on Microsoft 365

LEDOX365 is a holistic contract management solution that adequately addresses the challenges faced by countless lawyers and their counterparts in business functions worldwide. Our solution offers much more than the name suggests.
It provides process support for various document types for legal departments as well as for users from all business areas. LEDOX365 is based on the Microsoft 365 cloud platform and thus not only meets the current IT standards in the modern IT environment, but also brings many advantages for all users.
Our state-of-the-art solution for managing contracts in all contract phases: from contract drafting to negotiation with external parties, approval and signature workflows in paper or digital form. In addition, all master data management functions, evaluations and archiving of data are covered by the solution. LEDOX365 digitises contract management - throughout the entire contract lifecycle.


  • …enables legal departments to provide their business users with ready-to-use sample contracts and an NDA clause library predefined by the legal department. This reduces risks and increases transparency.
  • …supports the workflow in all contract phases from initiation to termination of contracts.
  • …enables real-time collaboration with colleagues and even third parties, based on the standard features of Microsoft 365.
  • …facilitate global collaboration with different teams on legal projects.
  • …saves time and allows signatures to be obtained and granted within seconds with eSign.
  • …provides full control over contracts thanks to reporting and archiving functions.
  • … manages matters and disputes centrally and prepares reports for the Executive Board.
  • Never miss a deadline thanks to automatic notifications.

LEDOX365 is completely based on Microsoft 365, probably the most widespread application used by many companies worldwide.

  • This makes full use of the possibilities offered by existing Microsoft licences.
  • The familiar user interface makes it effortless for users to get started.
  • If required, the solution is easily scalable.
  • One benefits from the strong security and protection concept of Microsoft 365.

LEDOX365 thus offers decisive advantages:

Less lead time, more revenue

LEDOX365 is a modern CLM system that supports both legal and business users. Joins contract management solution significantly reduces the time spent on contract negotiation, drafting and signing.

Self-service for business users

A self-guided NDA generator allows, among other things, self-service for business users, saving lawyers' time and ensuring a consistently high level of quality. With our wizard, NDAs can be created in minutes - from request to approval and signature.

Reduce risks - gain insights

Contract templates and automated application rules reduce complexity and risk while increasing transparency of contract details. System notifications inform about contract deadlines and a comprehensive dashboard supports data-driven decision-making.

Give the lawyers the time for the essentials… leave the rest to LEDOX365 - the system that automatically manages contracts at all stages: from contract creation and negotiation with external parties to approval and signature workflows - in paper or digital form. LEDOX365 also covers all master data management functions, evaluations and archiving of data.

High acceptance thanks to Microsoft 365

LEDOX365 is fully based on Microsoft 365, arguably the most widely used application used by many businesses worldwide. LEDOX365 leverages the capabilities of your existing Microsoft universe, while a user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started and reduces the need for end-user training.