Velocity Learning For Esports

โดย Jones Software Corp.

This application is designed to provide online learning for all Industries.

Are you looking for a comprehensive learning solution for K-12 education that includes esports? Look no further than Velocity Learning Management System, powered by Jones Software Corporation.

Our cloud-based SaaS platform is designed to provide a flexible, convenient, and engaging learning experience for K-12 students, and our integration of esports adds a new dimension of excitement and engagement to the learning process.

Our esports model combines video gaming and learning to create an innovative and engaging experience for students. By incorporating esports into the learning process, we can foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in students, while also providing an opportunity for them to engage in healthy competition.

Our platform provides a wide range of video games that have been specifically selected for their educational value, promoting learning in areas such as critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving. We work with educators to develop custom curriculums that align with specific learning objectives and can be integrated with classroom instruction.

In addition to esports, our platform includes a range of advanced 21st Century toolkit features, such as mobile learning, personalized learning, social learning, augmented and virtual reality, and accessibility solutions, to provide a truly comprehensive learning solution for K-12 education.

Our platform ensures that all students, including those with disabilities, can benefit from the learning experience, thanks to our focus on accessibility and inclusivity. Features such as screen readers, closed captions, and other assistive technologies ensure that all students can access course materials and participate in the learning experience.

At Velocity Learning, we're committed to transforming how students learn, work, and innovate together. Visit us at to learn more about our esports model and the Velocity Learning Management System.