Email marketing for Dynamics 365

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Do you need to create tempting newsletter easily without programming a HTML code?

Send bulk emails to customers, leads and contacts in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Are you obliged to store marketing consents of your customers? Are you keen on automating your marketing communication? Do you want detail statistics and clear information about Open rates, Click rates, Content interest rates etc. to manage your marketing communication? The Email Marketing for Dynamics 365 add-on lets you to create cutting edge newsletters within a minute. No need to even think of HTML coding! Just pick up a predefined e-mail template and drag&drop the content you need into a canvas. Quickly put in youtube videos, touching images from public protobanks or upload your own images. Use standard Dynamics 365 marketing lists (static as well as dynamic) to create the distribution list and connect them to your marketing campaign activity. System will recognize to whom to send the newslleter and who shall be skipped due to missing consent. Right after executing the campaign activity, just sit down, relax and take a closer look into statistics and results, which are being collected and displayed automatically. Measure not only oper rates, click rates, but also out of office replies, unsubscribtion reasons. Have a closer look into preferences of your audince via click heatmap or via top links statistics. And much more... A10 Features and benefits of using this add-on: - Save time & money - by easy to use Drag&Drop editor and predefined templates - Manage your subscribers - by automatic consent management, and in built unsubscribe reasons questionaire - Protect your sender score and reputation - by collection undelivery reasons and avoiding spam traps - No cold calling any more - know your customer´s preferences upfront from mailing data - Increase customer satisfaction - Use add-on to automate your communication e.g. in crisis situation - Personalization - Use wildcards and conditions to adjust the message to each and every recepient directly - Data analysis - Analyze all customers` preferences and campaign traffic to hit the goals Application is available in Czech and English language