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Outlook Email tracking for your organisation. See who opens and reads your emails.

Track email open & click behaviour as part of your sales or lead generation efforts

Are you frustrated without the ability to know if your emails are being read?
Use LeadBoxer to know if emails are being opened, read, and links to your site clicked!

Get your LeadBoxer for Outlook license here and activate it to enable centralized email tracking for your organization. LeadBoxer can track all emails sent to individuals through Outlook. 

This is very useful if you are working in sales or marketing, or conducting business development.
The technology can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated into the LeadBoxer Lead & Customer Data Platform.

LeadBoxer Benefits

  • See who opens your email and when: Detailed reporting available: Individual email tracking or group by sender or organization (company)
  • Link tracking: See who clicks the links inside your email, and optionally all the site pages they visit
  • Reporting inside Outlook: No need to leave Outlook to see who has opened your emails
  • Track all activity: Get complete overview of all leads and customer behavior

LeadBoxer Features

  • Turn tracking auto-on or off: Advanced version available for auto-enablement
  • Link tracking: enable/disable, and specify link domains to track
  • User management & Group deploy: or enable/ disable team members
  • Track an unlimited number of emails: No limits on email tracking, all activity captured

About LeadBoxer
LeadBoxer is a Lead & Customer Data Platform company and best in class solution designed to track and analyze enormous amounts of behavioral data derived from multiple online traffic sources. 
LeadBoxer enables you to turn your data into actionable Sales and Marketing insights.