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Innovative solution using artificial intelligence algorithms that will help you recognize people.

CognitivX - Sees people. Cognitive automation of customer interaction

Reads from human faces

Advanced analysis of the detected face assigns individual characteristics to specific people. You can check where, when and how long specific people are and what emotions accompany them.
CognitivX monitors physical objects - such as customer service offices (Initial Customer Recognition, Quality of Service), points of sale (customer behavior / demographic data) and supports video monitoring systems 24 hours a day

How does it work?
1. The image / video from the connected camera or other source (eg an existing monitoring system) powers CognitivX
2. Advanced image analysis allows you to recognize the age, sex, mood, and individual facial features - thus identifying individual people .
3. Near real time data is analyzed and can trigger any events
4. It can identify many people on multiple cameras at the same time.

Why CognitivX?
Identifies people:
1. provides a new dimension of knowledge about your clients and their behaviors
2. recognizes them
3. detects moods
4. recognizes other features (glasses, facial hair, etc.)

Provides invaluable knowlage
1. Get the best quality information about your clients in physical facilities
2. generate advanced statistics, heat maps and client paths
3. Does your clients smile?

Allows you to work more effectively
1. uses artificial intelligence algorithms integrates with CRM, ERP, RCP, MA and other systems
2. allows you to better design future activities (marketing, processes, etc.)
3. works in the cloud

See your customers better!
1. CognitiveX will recognize your client as soon as he crosses the threshold of your branch / store / BOK.
2. It will provide you with invaluable knowledge about the demographic profile of a real customer.
3. It will allow you to design a customer experience taking into account the emotions.
4. Cognitivex will provide the most advanced knowledge about clients in the physical channel, and in combination with MA systems will allow better design of omnichannel activities.
4. He will tell you where and how much time your clients spend.

Personal employee assistant
1. CognitiveX will facilitate the work of your consultants and help them better meet the expectations of clients. The system, based on the collected data, suggests actions and generates personalized offers.
2. In real time, it analyzes customer satisfaction when visiting a branch office.
CognitivX will work wherever people are served

Areas of application:
1.Customer service offices
3.Fairs and exhibitions
4.Video monitoring systems (survivalence) LANGUAGE VERSION: polish, english