Self-Service Portal – HR Solution

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Self-Service Portal – HR Solution

"Gen.te Agrega- Autoatendimento" is a web and mobile solution, which centralizes HR activities to serve in a single place, transforming employees into active participants in the process.

With the Gen.te Agrega- Autoatendimento, the employees manage to obtain and update their personal and corporate information quickly, with easy access, without having the need to schedule an attention or even move to the human resources department. This streamlines day-to-day and decentralizes the operations of the people management area while simplifying the life of the collaborator.

In the self-service portal, the collaborator may visualize your payment receipt, alter your personal and contractual data, issue an income report, request a vacation, make and manage point dialing, and much more.

With the solution, you reduce the operating expenses of HR, increase the agility of the attention of internal services, decrease the consumption of paper and offer greater autonomy to the leaders in the online management of your equipment. Are you interested in Gen.te Agrega- Autoatendimento?

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This solution is only available in brazilian portuguese (PT-BR).