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Get real-time budgeting, forecasting and reporting out of your ERP

Limelight is the next-generation of Excel offering data integration, collaboration and control. Limelight seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and other sources to centralize all data points for financial planning & analysis.

As a modern and unified platform, Limelight ensures high user adoption, quick deployment and usable for many different applications including:

- Expense planning
- Revenue planning with drivers
- Workforce planning
- Project accounting & resource capacity
- Sales compensation planning
- Sales commissions and payment reports
- Actual vs Budget Reports
- P&L analysis
- Variance reporting
- Drill-through reporting to transactional details
- Create ad-hoc reports

Features that accelerate data capture, reporting and the close:

- Modern Excel look and functionality for easy user adoption
- Line-item details to capture additional account info
- Audit Trail tracks who made what changes when
- Automated consolidation of data
- Commentaries to converse and collaborate
- Drill-through to see further details
- Export & Import from Excel
- Integration to G/L. CRM, Payroll systems for real-time planning & analysis