Linistry Digital Queueing

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Best-in-class digital queuing services to generate more revenue and customer satisfaction

We eliminate the problem of traditional queuing or simply waiting, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and business turnover.

With Linistry, customers can reserve their spot in the queue onsite and offsite also (from any location) and turn waiting time into active time, enjoying other meaningful activities.

Linistry digital queuing is accessible without application download and offers inclusive queuing experience for those with or without mobile phones.

We are queuing thousands of people every day from a wide variety of social and age groups with positive reception of the service and customer satisfaction scores beyond 90%.

Linistry has experience and references at

  • Banks (customer queueing, back-office workflow support)
  • Retail stores (e.g. customer service, loan applications)
  • SME (e.g. hairdressers, massage salons, street food trucks, restaurants)
  • Public sector (e.g. embassy, utilities)
  • Events, festivals (crowd management, meet & greet queueing)

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On-site Digital Check-In - Self service check-in at your premises via touch enabled devices. Visitors tell their name/identifier and select the purpose of their visit. In case of long waiting times they can add mobile number so that they can be notified in SMS when it’s their turn.

Off-site Digital Check-In - Customers don’t need to visit the store/branch/service location to queue. Your customers can check-in via phone or other digital device and receive a digital ticket (and optionally marketing or survey information). Notification is sent to their phones before their turn.

Customers can be informed through information displays in the store/branch/service location, or via web ticket on their online devices.

Customers are called to the counter by their name/nickname/identifier they provided upon check-in.


  • One integrated solution and user experience for scheduled appointments and walk-in customers - Linistry automatically synchronizes them
  • Dynamic reservation’s length

Key Features

  • Does not require application download or installation
  • Remote queuing via website with expected call time calculations
  • Marketing messages, Surveys
  • Can be integrated through Linistry API
  • Online subscription: you pay only for what you use
  • Machine learning for precise waiting time & workload predictions

Try here: 
    • - where people can join the line remotely
    • - Kiosk terminal in the branch (might be a tablet)