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Market Leading Bank Statement Transaction Enrichment

Company overview

Look Who’s Charging is a multi-award winning Data as a Service platform.  We use the latest in AI and machine learning to intelligently match the millions of often random bank statement transaction descriptions back to in-depth details on the underlying merchant

We are engaged by all big four Australian banks and three of them are showing our data directly within their digital banking applications.  We are currently enriching 500m transactions every month and we expect this to rise to 2.5 billion transaction a month (more volume than the entire Australian payments network) by the end of 2019.  Our match rate is >97%.

Data Points

Look Who’s Charging can return up to 150 different data fields on a merchant based solely on the bank statement description.  This fields include:

  • Trading name;
  • Meaningful and accurate spend categorisation;
  • Contact details such as address, telephone number, website and social media links;
  • Logo; and
  • Lat/long coordinates.

Use Cases

The depth and accuracy of the data we provided makes our platform suitable for a wide variety of use cases such as:

  • Enriching transaction in digital banking applications;
  • Powering spend tracker functionality;
  • Verification of income and expenditure during the loan application process;
  • Data analytics; and
  • Merchant offers/rewards.

Value Proposition

  • Solve one of the top consumer pain points;
  • Improvement in customer experience driving a significant uplift in net promoter scores and lower churn;
  • At least a 5x cost saving through reduced calls and chargebacks;
  • Deep understanding of consumer spend;
  • Accurate and more efficient affordability checks ensuring compliance with legislation.


  • Money Magazine – 2018 Most Innovative Banking Feature
  • KPMG Global FinTech100 – 2018 Emerging Star (top 100 FinTech companies globally)
  • FinTech Australia – 2018 Best Customer Experience
  • Australian FinTech Awards – 2018 Best FinTech/Bank Collaboration
  • FinTech Business Awards (Finalist) – 2019 SaaS Innovator of the Year
  • FinTech Business Awards (Finalist) – 2019 FinTech Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Geographical Focus – Australia and New Zealand.  Other offshore market expansion planned for later in 2019.  

    Look Who’s Charging is a fully managed Software as a Service solution running within Microsoft Azure.  We offer a range of integration options but the most prevalent is via APIs.

    Target industry - Financial Services