LTAPPS Timesheet


LTAPPS Timesheet is a time tracking app that works with SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

LTAPPS Timesheet is a time-tracking app that works with SharePoint & Microsoft Teams(Including mobile). The app offers a solution to allow you to track your work time. The app helps you track & manage how much time you/your employee spend on projects. The employee/manager is able to easily track the regular work hours, overtime, or absences
The app allows to export of employee's timesheets to an excel file with exactly the day/hour employees spend

Key Features of the app
  • Submit/manage/track the timesheet
  • Define unlimited level steps to approve the timesheet. Easily to set the approver's step, able to set the approver is/are a person, multi persons, or a SharePoint group
  • Customizable the timesheet's form. Able to add/edit/delete fields in the timesheet's form & set to show/hide fields based on the step
  • Allows adjusting the timesheet if it is already done
  • Allows tracking of the hours that employees spend on projects
  • Delegate task feature
  • Overtime, Absences, Rating features
  • Datetime format feat
  • Automatic e-mail notification of approve/reject or delegate
  • Allows the manager submits on behalf of the employee
  • Ability to send an email to remind the employee who missed submitting the timesheet
  • Absences balance management feature & fiscal year for absences
  • Multi-reports to show the exact time by month, week, employees, departments or projects & allow export them to excel files
  • Allows attaching files when submitting the timesheet.
  • Ability to edit the notification email template
  • Allows integration of the app with other products of Microsoft
  • Translation feature
  • Modern view & support the mobile devices
  • Support MS Teams
  • Support multi-devices (Desktop - Mobile)