Software Defined Mainframe

โดย lzLabs GmbH

Migrate mainframe apps to cloud with no recompilation or data changes, then modernise incrementally

Customer challenge

In an effort to become more agile, reduce the risk of diminishing mainframe skills and liberate IT cost to invest in new innovations, many companies seek a way to move business-critical mainframe applications to modern systems on x86 and in the cloud.

LzLabs solution

LzLabs has developed the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (SDM). With SDM, customers can run mainframe workloads on x86 or the cloud without recompilation or data reformatting. This approach significantly reduces the risks associated with mainframe migration, enables incremental modernization and integrates applications with DevOps, open-source and the Cloud.

Customer benefits

SDM provides the following benefits for CIOs and IT leaders considering migrating mainframe applications and data to modern systems:

  • Minimal risk: with no requirement for re-writing, recompilation or source code, SDM significantly reduces technical complexities is the most efficient and lowest risk approach.
  • Incremental migration: we enable mainframe applications to be rehosted, entirely or incrementally, to Linux on x86, without recompilation or changes to data formats.
  • Significant cost reduction: customers save up to 70% on Opex, primarily as a result of mainframe and third-party software license reduction.
  • Graceful modernization: once migrated to SDM, customers can modernize piece by piece, transforming select programs into modern formats only where necessary.

The LzLabs Competitive differentiation

LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® differs from other modernization solutions as applications can be migrated without recompilation or data changes. This approach significantly reduces the risk and complexity of migration. It then enables incremental modernization of applications, without affecting the integrity of the system as a whole:

  • No requirements for (often unavailable) source code
  • No changes to data formats
  • Legacy applications run seamlessly in flexible cloud environments
  • The perfect platform on which to transform applications, incrementally, to modern languages and implementations
  • Integrate legacy applications with Devops toolchains

LzLabs supports the migration of mainframe workload to modern systems across any industry. These systems are particularly prevalent across financial services, insurance, banking, government, telecoms, manufacturing, travel & tourism.

LzLabs SDM can be implemented on Microsoft Azure, integrating legacy applications with the scalability benefits of cloud, and enabling organizations to benefit from the abundant skills associated with cloud and open source computing.