MediaValet Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM)

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Manage your photos, videos and other assets in a secure media library.

MediaValet provides organizations with a scalable, secure and redundant cloud-native digital asset management platform for managing all media types (including photos, 4K-8K video, 2D/3D CAD files, audio files, graphics, animations, documents, presentation, fonts, etc.).

Leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies - including Azure Service Fabric, Video Indexer and Computer Vision - MediaValet not only secures high-value digital assets, but also makes them highly accessible, discoverable and useable; increasing organizations’ productivity, efficiency profitability and continuity – all while reducing costs.

MediaValet works with well-known brands including Fred Rogers Production, A&W, Hard Rock Hotels, HelloFresh, & many others.

Key features of MediaValet:

  • Enterprise-level AI tagging for many asset types

  • Availability across 61 data center regions around the world

  • 8K Video & 2D/3D CAD file support

  • Auto transcoding, transcribing, and translating for videos

  • Unlimited users, administrators, categories, keywords, and customer attributes

MediaValet delivers an enterprise-grade, cloud DAM solution that’s unmatched in the industry. Click the blue Get It Now button to get started with MediaValet today, or contact us here to learn more.