Connected Kitchen Equipment

โดย Mesh Systems

Optimize kitchen efficiency and decrease equipment downtime with IoT

From simple equipment telematics to predictive maintenance, more and more kitchen equipment owner-operators need connected solutions. Mesh Systems’ Connected Kitchen Equipment solution enables equipment owners to quickly connect assets, obtain key status and asset health data in real time, and generate meaningful insights for their business operations. 

The Connected Kitchen Equipment solution enables quick-service restaurants and retail kitchens to obtain critical machine and fault codes that kitchen equipment already produces. Further, by integrating off-the-shelf sensors, further data can be collected to augment kitchen intelligence. The solution ferries these data to Azure IoT Central where they can be visualized and acted upon—helping to decrease kitchen downtime and streamline operations. 

  • The Connected Kitchen Equipment solution connects a host of equipment types including, but not limited to, ware washers, fryers, broilers, protein holding units (PHUs), commercial brewing equipment, and fountain beverage machines. Data are collected and pre-processed at the edge before being transported to the cloud either via WiFi (featuring Azure Sphere) or LTE. Pieces of equipment are network connected with Azure Sphere Guardian Modules or other field bus protocol translators. 

  • The Connected Kitchen Equipment solution is one of the first native solutions to be powered by Azure IoT Central—a fully managed global IoT SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution with built-in analytics that is highly configurable; no programming required. The winning combination of the enterprise-grade Connected Kitchen Equipment solution technology and the security and reliability of Azure IoT Central make this a simple, logical solution for companies looking for greater visibility into the health of their assets. 

  • The Connected Kitchen Equipment solution templatizes known equipment types to display KPIs (key performance indicators) from various sorts of equipment and visualizes them for analytics and insights. These insights can be built into customer-facing dashboards and applications. Mesh Systems can build custom templates for customers or help customers choose from a growing template library. 

The Connected Kitchen Equipment solution is turnkey and quick to integrate. We can move from first conversation to pilot installation in as few as 30 days.