ESG Consulting Dashboard: Manage scope 3 emissions, biodiversity loss and pollution for electronics and electrical equipment.

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Streamline your ESG strategy with comprehensive processes, data analytics, calculations, and reports

In today's world, where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards are ever-important, IT professionals and developers are leading the charge towards sustainability. The Consulting Dashboard is your ultimate ally, bridging IT prowess with ESG objectives to deliver fast, reliable, and repeatable reporting and analytics solutions.

Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Scope 3 emissions are a behemoth, often constituting up to 90% of a company's emissions. The complexity of measuring these emissions makes management daunting. Yet, the rewards for tackling them are immense, promising cost savings, innovation, and a stronger competitive position. Despite the European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) pushing for transparency, a mere 15% of companies have set reduction targets. Similarly, California's legislative efforts through Senate Bills 253 and 261 highlight a growing regulatory focus, mandating disclosures by companies with revenues over $1 billion by 2030.

Biodiversity Loss
The IPBES Global Assessment Report alarms with its finding: one million species face extinction, unprecedented in human history. The tech sector, through eWaste and resource consumption, significantly impacts biodiversity. Yet, IT can be a force for good. By enabling data collection, supply chain transparency, and circular economy approaches, IT professionals and developers can help stem the tide of biodiversity loss.

Electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) is proliferating, with 53.6 million metric tons of eWaste generated in 2019. The ICT sector's footprint is notable, accounting for 3.6% of global electricity demand and 1.4% of GHG emissions. However, IT holds the key to improvement, offering tools for tracking, measuring, and enhancing ESG performance, thereby reducing the environmental impact of EEE.

The Consulting Dashboard empowers IT departments to align technological advancements with ESG goals, offering a pathway to sustainability that's not only achievable but also beneficial across cost savings, innovation, and compliance. Embrace the future with technology that makes a difference.