Mojix Retail Solutions Suite

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Turn real-time item level data into high-value actionable business intelligence.

The Mojix Retail Solutions Suite is an out of the box, 100% Azure cloud solution designed to efficiently and easily enable automation and digitization of retail operations and supply chains.

In a world where people, product and places are connected, inventory accuracy has never been more important. Without it, retailers risk out of stocks, lost sales opportunities, poor customer experience and inefficient omni-channel operations.

Our retail ready Solution Suite helps customers optimize business performance, enable unified commerce and improve customer experience.

Mojix Enterprise Applications, Web-based Dashboards and Operational Reports are designed to assist retail business decisions based on trusted real-time data.

Our technology is designed to assist with intelligent real-time business decisions based on trusted events and data; backed by an architecture that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform for global scalability and high availability. Built-in Blockchain connectors to Azure Blockchain Workbench automate and secure the enterprise supply chain to ensure brand protection, transparency and trust.

  • Gain real-time item-level visibility of your global inventory
  • Empower employees with actionable data, intelligence, and automated tasks
  • Create a seamless and personalized customer experience
  • Automate and streamline the distribution of inventory throughout the enterprise
  • Reduce out-of-stocks and increase sales
  • Enable optimized merchandise assortment for maximum profit

Mojix is a leader in enterprise solutions for the automation and digitation of retail operations and supply chains. They provide RFID solutions, IoT software platforms, applications and analytics to the retail industry. They are leaders and innovators in fixed infrastructure sensor networks that collect, store, analyze and interconnect data from multiple sources including RFID, GPS and other sensor devices.

Our Retail Solution Suite includes:


Better business decisions with real-time actionable data. Dashboards, analytics and conversion metrics for merchandising, store operations and inventory control.


Mobilize and streamline business processes, store operations, inventory tasks, merchandising and customer engagement.

Mojix Platform

Real-time item-level event monitoring to transform your supply chain processes retail operations and customer experience.


Automated data capture, complex event processing, rfid technology and sensors converge to connect your store to the power of cloud intelligence.

Certification and Security

Automate and secure your enterprise supply chain through Blockchain technology to Ensure brand protection and trust.