Monolens - Optical Character Recognition System

โดย Monocept Consulting Private Limited

Monolens is a cloud-based OCR tool that converts printed documents into text searchable files.

What is Monocept?

Monocept identifies and solves the unknown variable ‘X’, enabling enterprises to address their complex business problems using technology. We envision a problem-free world by solving all technical issues that our clients are susceptible towards or are facing currently. Organisations can reach their digital transformation goals by employing our Consulting, Cloud computing, DevOps expertise. We are Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform and Application Development competencies.

The Challenge:

Banks, insurance companies and others in BFSI capture primary data as paper documents that need to be converted into electronic form. The current process of transforming data on paper to electronic form comprises of manual processes: The maker process and The checker process.

The Solution:

Monolens, by Monocept, replaces the maker process of manually entering the form fields into the system with an intelligent solution using Computer Vision APIs of Microsoft. It, thus, allows manpower engaged in the maker process to be engaged in top-line activities like business development.

What is Monolens?

Monolens is a cloud-based software-as-a-service optical character recognition software that converts high volume printed documents or forms into searchable data.

Monolens, based on MS Azure, can easily integrate itself with the client’s system while providing high-performing and precise results. It validates the specified document type keeping the minimum document standards such as scan resolution, rotated/skewed images. Accuracy of Monolens is tested up to 100% for printed forms.

Monolens can generate a high-quality storage-efficient image, and modify it to best suit the client’s need for size, shape, and style. It returns the extracted values basis the API call in an agreed format/manner which will be used to fill the respective fields in the user journey.

Monolens supports a variety of documents for conversion into searchable data. The following Indian documents are supported: PAN, Voter ID, Aadhaar card, Bank cheques, Passport, Driving license, NACH form, NEFT form, Bank statement, Hospital claim forms, Medical bills, Form 16 and 26A, etc.