Moody's Analytics GridLink As A Service (GlaaS)

โดย Moody's

An exciting, convenient option for the execution of critical AXIS™ actuarial system applications.

A new processing choice for AXIS software runs

GlaaS is a fully automated service that lets you submit AXIS actuarial modeling jobs to a cloud-based infrastructure for processing using a pay-per-use model. It can help deliver a cost-effective addition to your existing processing capacity or an alternative to acquiring new or expanding existing on-premises server farm infrastructure.

GlaaS delivers easy, controlled access to server farms of up to several thousand cores each, automatically provisioned by clients on demand. GlaaS conveniently and automatically manages the request and preparation of the required grid capacity in the cloud for the dedicated job, the execution of that job, and the release of cloud resources. You can access GlaaS from any authorized computer in your existing AXIS software environment. It requires no intervention or assistance from your technology team.

GlaaS is hosted and managed by Moody’s Analytics in a secure Azure environment with large and elastic computational capacity. GlaaS server farms are deployed in multiple Azure regions to help ensure redundancy and respect data residency requirements. GlaaS can also help address the challenges of an aging or undersized on-premises infrastructure or hosted grid, because it uses the latest Azure networking, storage technology, and virtual server instances.