Gainz Project

โดย Odata Solutions Inc.

Gainz Project is a comprehensive multi-site project management software.

Gainz Project is a comprehensive solution to manage and execute multi-site projects from start to finish, which involve inventory, materials, equipment and labour.
Gainz Project is designed for managing new, retrofit, repair or remodel type scenarios for lighting, renovation and construction types of projects.
Architected as Cloud Native Application, Gainz Project can be accessed from the field or the back office using existing hardware. Intuitive and easy to use, get your team productive on your project tasks immediately.
Gainz Project has all the components for you to successfully execute your project with Project Overview Dashboards, Kanban Board and Gantt Chart. Invoice your customers promptly with the flexible project invoicing and pay your vendors and employees on time with integrated invoice approval and employee digital time sheet. Use our unique Unit of Work capability to have a siloed drill down to determine labour, equipment and materials required at task level. Assign skills based resources to tasks and track in real-time, all owned and rental equipment. Keep a keen eye on the margin with change management using our Project Amendment and integrated Cost Accounting.