OMBEA Experience Management


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OMBEA enable you to take actions, powered by a continuous stream of feedback

If you are in charge of improving customer experience, facilities experience, or employee engagement, OMBEA is for you. OMBEA drives your front-line staff to take actions that drive revenue, every minute, every day.

It is powered by a continuous stream of local customer feedback at every touchpoint, captured through OMBEA’s smart feedback tools. OMBEA captures customer sentiment whether they are in-store, online, at home, or, really, anywhere on your customer journey map. All feedback is analyzed, prioritized, and automatically transformed into actionable tasks right in your inbox. With OMBEA, you will benefit from:

  • Branded design: No need for compromises. Make the feedback tools fit your brand and become a natural part of your environment.
  • Team collaboration: Reply directly to the people that matter, assign owners to actions, and leave side comments for others - all from a single central dashboard.
  • Powerful Reporting: Whether you just want quick feedback readings or need to crunch numbers in Excel, our customizable reports cover the range.
Using a combination of easy-to-use feedback modules and adaptive questioning, you can expect much more feedback than you’ve ever had before. The high volume of insights means OMBEA can monitor it for problem areas, immediately notifying you or your colleagues so they can act immediately. Gone are the unresolved negative experiences of yesterday – with OMBEA it’s all about acting in-the-moment so your customers will keep coming back to you time after time.

  • OMBEA Feedback Terminals capture feedback from bricks-and-mortar locations such as stores and offices.

  • OMBEA Website Widgets capture feedback from customers as they browse your online offering, or employees as they navigate your intranet.

  • OMBEA Anywhere Links capture insights through QR Codes, emails, SMS, presentations, or even your packaging!

  • OMBEA Public Review modules gather feedback from your social media platforms, including Google, Facebook and Trustpilot.

You will find some screenshots and a video of Retail Customer Experience below. This is just an example of use and the solution will help you improve customer experience, facility experience or employee experience for any industry.

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