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Conversational AI Self-Service omnichannel in Speech/Text automation for customer call centers

The Omilia Conversational ΑΙ Self-Service Solution is the only AI solution in the market today that can boast not 1 but at least 27 production-grade contact centers globally, brings unique advantages to enterprises looking to employ Voice/speech or Text virtual agent, taking them into tomorrow’s AI powered services. Omilia Virtual Assistant applications are truly omnichannel as they are developed once and leveraged horizontally, providing a seamless, end-to-end conversational experience across channels, including IVR, social messengers, web chat, smart speakers, mobile app, email and SMS. One platform, one integration - all channels, all formats; same impeccable conversational experience on all of them. Full solution offering, includes: - Dialog Manager platform: DiaManT® - NLU Engine: deepNLU® - ASR Engine: deepASR® - Conversational Biometric Authentication: deepVB® - NLU and ASR pre-trained packages: xPert Packs® - Vertical Specialisation for Banking, Insurance, Telecoms and Healthcare with xPert® packages: pre-loaded, out-of-the-box for recognition and understanding of key concepts and intents. - Service Creation tools for Business Analysts: create/make changes in the application as needed, no time waste or external dependence. - Agent Augmentation tools to support and coach them to collaborate with the AI platform. - Anti-Fraud solutions (Basic or Advanced) have been made available to provide centers with Fraud detection and prevention mechanisms. Omilia’s innovative technology stack allows for the state of the art real world results showcased by our clients: ● DNN powered Speech recognition - human level accuracy bringing 4,26% Word Error Rate (world breaking record). ● NLU engine with > 95% Concept Identification Success Rate (Semantic Accuracy) ● Task completion rates of over 90% ● Increase: ○ +31% customers prefer to use the Contact Center ○ +40% Self Service Usage ○ +43% call capacity ● Decrease: ○ -42% return callers ○ -96% internal transfers ○ -50% average handling time