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Connect people to content, when and where they need it

OpenText Documentum content management is a distributed, cloud-native enterprise content platform that offers a compliant, secure single-source-of-truth for all users. Built on a modular foundation, Documentum software integrates into enterprise business applications to enable access from any UI. Documentum products scale to meet the high-volume content demands of highly-regulated organizations.
Organizations digitally transform and empower innovation with Documentum, delivered as a fully managed service, and backed by the security, scalability and performance of Microsoft Azure cloud platform, under a single SLA. OpenText Cloud Managed Services provides an experienced team of 6000+ cloud experts to plan, execute and support your cloud strategy. OpenText together with Microsoft Azure accelerate and simplify cloud migrations, reduce 30% operational costs, and increase peace of mind.

Why choose Documentum

  • Unified and scalable repository
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Automated, fast deployment
  • Extensibility and interoperability


  • Confidently share content
  • Speed enterprise productivity
  • Automate compliance and reduce risk
  • Enhance agility
  • Drive insight