GeneFAX™ Pro by OptraHEALTH

โดย OptraHEALTH Inc.

GeneFAX™ Pro : World’s first conversational AI platform with BOT interfaces.

GeneFAX™ Pro ChatBOT is a conversational chatbot that seamlessly gathers information from consumers to identify if a genetic test might be beneficial to them such as the Hereditary Cancer Test. GeneFAX™ Pro KnowledgeBOT is AI driven BOT that allows consumers to ask any questions about genetic tests and completely understand genetic testing. Genetics can be fun and easy to understand. The GeneFAX™ Pro QuizBOT provides genetics educations to consumers in a simple, interactive manner. At any time, consumers may use GeneFAX™ CounselorConnect© to connect with a genetic counselor and have all their questions answered. Organizations benefit by streamlining their business process and enhancing productivity by deploying GeneFAX™ for their consumers. GeneFAX™ Pro also automates many business processes such as managing clinic lists, physician reports, downloads and integration with 3rd party applications and EMR systems.