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Orca Security provides agentless, instant-on security and compliance for Azure.

Orca utilizes our unique SideScanningTM technology to provide four key advantages over any other vendor in the cloud security market today:

100% Coverage
Orca Security provides instant-on, workload-deep security for Microsoft Azure Platform. Orca deploys and scales in minutes without the need to install and maintain agents. Using read-only access, Orca scans your entire Azure cloud estate, without the need for network scans or opcode. After the initial scan is complete, customers can see and act on risks they were previously blind to—all without agents, network scanners, organizational friction, or impact on performance.

Multiple Tools in One
With Orca there is no need to cobble together disparate tools. Orca replaces legacy vulnerability assessment tools, CSPM, and CWPP solutions. Orca helps security teams detect and assess every security risk at every layer of the cloud (control plane, workload, and data stack layers), all while reducing alerts.

Alerts that Matter
Unlike legacy tools that operate in silos, Orca treats a customer’s cloud as an interconnected web of assets, prioritizing risk based on environmental context, not just CVSS score. This does away with thousands of meaningless security alerts daily and provides security teams with only the critical few that matter, reducing the time it takes to review alerts, eliminating false positives, and lessening alert fatigue.

Built-in Compliance
With our agentless approach and our ability to replace multiple security tools such as vulnerability management, misconfiguration detection, malware detection, and file integrity monitoring, Orca automatically addresses many rigid compliance mandates (e.g., PCI-DSS, SOC2, PSD2, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, and others) by default.