PatronTek Point of Sale

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PatronTek Enterprise Point of Sale

PatronTek Enterprise Point of Sale (POS) — an easily programmable system with a straightforward user interface and instant management access from anywhere with an internet connection. Our software secures your credit card transactions with P2PE, and has offline resiliency;

• Easy Programming and easy to use interface
• Instant Management access from anywhere with an internet connection
• Merchant and gift card processing
• KDS – Keep Ticket Times down
• Notify Servers that a table is seated
• Notify Hostess of table status (What course the table is on in real-time, is the table clean or dirty, track guest spend
• Front and back house management
• Above Store Reporting
• Offline resiliency (if your server goes down, you stay online)
• Discount tracking
• Time and Attendance tracking
• Route orders or parts of orders to one or more POS printers
• Point-to-Point Encryption
• Easily apply forced, exception, and special instruction modifiers