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Accelerating Digital Transformation of Perioperative Medicine through a System of Intelligence

Perioperative Medicine – What and Why

Perioperative medicine involves patient care before, during and after surgery. Complexity and dynamic nature of perioperative medicine can led to mistakes and oversights, resulting in high rates of complications and poor patient outcome (3-17% complication rate costing >$80B nationally). Half of these complications are preventable. In addition, Surgery and Anesthesia are the economic powerhouses in a hospital earning >50% of a hospital’s revenue. Yet, perioperative resources(operating rooms & post-surgery recovery areas) are expensive ($35/min). Suboptimal use of these resources is costing $5.2B annually to US health care alone. Perioperative care also incurs the most waste (20-33%) in a hospital costing $30B annually.

The Perimatics Approach

Perimatics advances perioperative medicine through real-time, AI driven, data & technology solutions and domain expertise. Our goal is to improve quality, efficiency and revenue of perioperative medicine, while enhancing patient satisfaction.

Our Solutions

Our solutions target digital transformation of perioperative medicine through a real-time AI platform integrating electronic medical record data to improve quality, efficiency, revenue and satisfaction. The data platform drives the following systems of intelligence.

Smart Anesthesia Manager™(SAM): SAM is a real-time point of care decision support system targeting anesthesia providers. Employing a sophisticated rules engine, SAM analyzes data collected during surgery to detect ongoing issues in real-time and guide anesthesiologists to perform corrective actions. SAM improves quality of care, patient safety, revenue capture and compliance while reducing waste. SAM is operational in 5 hospitals having benefitted more than 500K patients.

PeriOp Insight™: PeriOp Insight™ is a business intelligence platform that allows real-time tracking of quality and operational metrics. The tool provides easy drill down features to obtain insights at an individual procedure or patient level.

PeriOp Optimizer™: Using machine learning methods, we accurately predict duration of surgery and postoperative recovery. Mathematical techniques are used to optimally assign surgeries to operating rooms to improve utilization of perioperative resources and reduce overtime. PeriOp Optimizer™ provides a platform to operationalize these models and track their performance.

Supplies Analytics Automator™: This product brings automated algorithms to determine opportunities for cost savings in surgical supplies use. The algorithms eliminate the need for manual data analysis and automatically highlight actionable steps to reduce variance in surgical supplies utilization and thus save surgical supplies costs. Machine learning models forecast the demand for surgical supplies.