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AI-Based Proactive & Personalized Engagement Platform for Financial Services

Personetics is the global leader in data-driven personalization and customer engagement for Financial Services. Our AI-powered technology is focused on proactive engagement: analyzing financial data in real-time, understanding individuals’ financial behaviors, anticipating their needs and acting on their behalf.

We provide day-to-day insights, financial advice, and wellness programs, tailored to mass market, affluent and small business customers. Our agile tools enable banks to rapidly create Personalization IP for market differentiation. Our bank partners have transformed their digital banking into the center of the customers’ financial life while delivering significant business impact (e.g. sales, balances, retention).


Some Proven results:

  • +35% higher mobile/digital customer engagement
  • +30% improvement in NPS and 45% loyalty lift
  • +20% improvement in Sales & Balance growth
  • +17% CTA improvement in Advice & product recommendations taken
  • +10% YoY in Digital Sales Growth of Personal Loans
  • Customers consistently rate our insights 4.4 on a scale of 1-5