Test Manager

โดย PRAKSIS Piotr Gołaszewski

Tool for generating tests and questionnaires and collecting knowledge.

Test Manager is a great tool that allows you to generate tests and surveys - ready for both printing and online publication. Test Manager brilliantly works as a library of knowledge in which - in an innovative way, in the form of ready-to-use questions and answers - you can collect, organize and reuse knowledge.

Are you involved in education? Are you a teacher or lecturer? The Test Manager responds to your vital needs in verifying the knowledge of pupils and students through tests.

You represent a school or a university? Check how Test Manager will help your organization conduct surveys and analyze collected results.

You are close to the tasks and challenges related HR industry? Recruitment, polling and survey of candidates and employees? Verifying knowledge of procedures and products through testing? Test Manager responds to these challenges and does it very well!

Our solution consists of two components:

  • A desktop application that works as an editor and local knowledge repository in off-line mode. Thanks to it, you can prepare tests or surveys that you can personalize and print immediately. And when you are on-line with one click, you will share tests prepared for your recipients through a dedicated application or use the resources available on the web.
  • An internet application where you can decide to whom, when and for how long you will share the test or survey. There, the recipients of your test will solve it and you will safely use the collected data for analysis.

Our offer includes the possibility of using a shared or separated database. We operate in the cloud! We care about the security of your data!

Do you want to learn more? Visit our website: and download the DEMO version of the Test Manager desktop application!

Do you want to test a complete solution to know its full potential? Contact us and ask for access to the demonstration environment!

This application is available in Polish.