ProjectTools Business Productivity Products

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ProjectTools hinges on 3 pillars - engaging, empowering employees & optimising your operations.

An industry-leading suite of products for your digital transformation. ProjectTools hinges on four pillars - engaging with clients and customers, empowering employees, optimising your operation and transforming products. Engage Plus Engage with clients and service delivery recipients: Engage Plus products were developed to drastically reduce the production time of your client-facing reporting and allow you to provide real value (and increased engagement) with your clients. Empowering employees: A key pillar for your digital transformation is the ability to empower your employees, providing tools and processes for greater collaboration, efficiency and insight. Optimising your organisation’s operations: Optimise Plus addresses having a transformed approach to your organisation’s operations. They are a cloud-based way of gathering project or asset data in real time and storing that data for remote access and analysis. Transform your organisation: ‘Transform’ moves you a great deal towards your digital transformation. Digital transformation is the connective tissue adding ease, efficiency, customization, and automation to every aspect of your organization.