Qantev: Network Management

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Smart platform for augmented management of your provider network

Our AI-driven solutions deliver business-critical insights to insurers' operation teams to help them deliver on their tasks faster and generate high level of savings.
Our Network Management solution provides a modern tooling dedicated to health provider performance management, with an automated highlight of pricing gaps and best action recommendations based on advanced simulations. It is driven by AI and Machine Learning, and helps Health Insurers to better optimize their provider networks, simulate copays, and make better pricing negotiations. The Network Management solution from Qantev helps Health Insurers find opportunities to improve the care provided to members, while making costs more efficient.
Right now, insurers are using our Network Management solution to:
  • Increase revenue, decrease medical costs, and decrease administrative burden
  • Decrease readmissions, increase referrals, and decrease inappropriate use of post-acute services
  • Increase enrollment, improve provider selection, and increase member retention

Our solutions come equipped with Qantev Data Foundation, a premium service to clean, enrich, and refine your health claims data using specialized AI techniques & algorithms dedicated to healthcare data.