Qantev: Claims Management

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Smart platform for automated management of your claims

Our AI-driven solutions deliver business-critical insights to insurers' operation teams to help them deliver on their tasks faster and generate high level of savings.
Our Claims Management solution provides a modern tooling dedicated to streamlining your case management and managing your claims more efficiently. Our OCR, NLP, & Machine Learning are specialized for health & life data and will help with priority case detection to guarantee an accuracy rate of over 99%. The Claims Management solution will allow you to confidently and automatically perform pre-authorization checks, medical consistency checks, and coverage checks for each claim submitted.
Right now, insurers are using our Claims Management solution to:
  • Reduce cost of the claims journey
  • Automatically manage Health & Life Claims lifecycle
  • Improve NPS and make claims costs more efficient
  • Respond to customer claims sooner, more efficiently, and with higher accuracy

Our solutions come equipped with Qantev Data Foundation, a premium service to clean, enrich, and refine your claims data using specialized AI techniques & algorithms dedicated to healthcare data.