QuickBlox Communication Stack

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Add Communication to any Application or Website

QuickBlox is a communication backend platform that enables developers and companies worldwide to add incredible communication features through our ready to use SDKs & APIs. Add plug and play video calling, voice calling, group and instant messaging all hosted in your own Azure VM managed and monitored by the QuickBlox team.

Using QuickBlox, your mobile or web application can easily add a range of communication features including:

  1. Chat & Messaging:
    • Peer-to-peer and group chats
    • Public and private rooms
    • Online presence
    • Typing indicators
    • File attachments
    • Auto-reconnect & sync
    • Sync across multiple devices
    • Chat history
    • Receipt delivery & reading
    • Offline messaging
  2. Data & Storage:
    • Push notifications API
    • Custom data storage API
    • File storage API
    • Message retrieval API
    • Data export
  3. Voice & Video Calls:
    • One-to-one calls
    • Mesh conference
    • WebRTC statistics
    • Custom TURN

QuickBlox APIs and SDKs are used in a wide variety of mobile and web applications and use cases including healthcare, social networking, public services, startups, corporate and financial institutions, education, e-commerce and marketplaces as well as other verticals.

Visit our official website and GitHub page or contact us directly for more details and professional advice.