RadiusPlus Tactical Mapping

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9-1-1 Emergency Tactical Mapping for the Future

RadiusPlus is an innovative and dynamic tactical mapping solution that integrates seamlessly with your 9-1-1 Agency’s current call handling and GIS technology. RadiusPlus is powered by Azure Government Cloud, helping public safety agencies effortlessly obtain frequent software updates and providing them with always up-to-date location data and life-saving supplemental information in a single map view.

  • Locate callers anywhere. Quickly and accurately determine an incident location and track callers in motion with a side-by-side display of traditional 9-1-1 call locations and supplemental locations. RadiusPlus can locate callers even in the most remote areas, where there is no 9-1-1 information available, by directly integrating with iOS and Android sophisticated location capabilities.
  • Easily connect with callers. Leverage modern technology and enable callers to easily share their location and additional information via 2-way SMS with automatic 70+ language translation powered by Azure Cognitive Services and live video streaming.
  • Leverage your GIS investment. RadiusPlus is powered by an NG9-1-1 GIS platform that leverages Esri Geospatial Cloud and your own authoritative GIS data. In addition to countless base maps and feature layers, you will be able to easily configure custom map layers and authoritative geocoding services, as needed.
  • Unlock your emergency response potential. By combining unparalleled location accuracy with with life-saving supplemental information, RadiusPlus allows you to understand the situation at a glance and provides new levels of situational awareness for an informed and improved dispatch.
  • Achieve new levels of situational awareness. Additional situational awareness tools such as real-time traffic and incident data from Azure Maps with TomTom and Waze, as well as real-time weather data.