ADAPT Demand

โดย REPL Group

Use ADAPT Demand to forecast workforce demand using cutting edge machine learning

Demand is an intuitive, cloud-based platform that boosts labour modelling efficiency. Leading-edge machine learning analyses and overlays data to capture accurate demand details for the months and even years ahead. It produces bottom-up demand and budgets for your entire estate instantly. Multiple team members can work on the same planning task at once, all activity is captured for easy auditing and it’s hosted in the cloud avoiding the risk of lost or hard-to-find files.

  • Calculate workforce demand at 15-minute levels using cutting-edge technology complemented by local knowledge input
  • Facilitate rapid ‘what if’ analysis and planning
  • Assign duties for optimal productivity with a revitalised labour model 
  • Assemble bottom-up demand for labour budget planning in minutes
  • Eliminate mismatches between budgets and schedules
  • Reduce labour costs through breakthrough budgeting tools

Demand is part of the ADAPT suite of workforce management tools. ADAPT Forecast enables highly-accurate forecasting. ADAPT Demand can be integrated with these tools or used on its own.