Revv up Education with AI

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Personalise learning for your Students. Blended, on-campus and online.

Revv up Education with AI

Personalise learning for your Students.

Blended, on-campus and online.


RevvEd uses Artificial Intelligence-based digital technologies to maximise learning outcomes

  1. Perceive: Understand each student’s unique strengths & weaknesses and social-emotional-physical well-being
  2. Personalise: Curate the curriculum content and adapt engagement to what works best for each student at any time.
  3. Predict: Analyse and forecast Student Performance. So, you can “human-coach” only where needed.

“Study Buddy” bot tailors learning for the Student:
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Creates personalised study plans adapted to each student
  • Tracks homework and assignments
  • Connects students to peer study groups
  • Enhances engagement and focus
  • Monitors physical and mental well-bein


Digital Teaching Assistant bot automates the routine administrative tasks an educator has to perform, freeing up valuable time to spend with students.
  • Scheduling of classes, assignments, and tests
  • Measures student engagement and progress
  • Automates workflows, questions, paper corrections
  • Schedules need-based human-coaching for specific Study Groups
  • AI-enabled Testing & Proctoring
  • Fetches data from legacy systems like Learning Management System and Student Management Systems.