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Managing Smart buildings over Azure

Solution is covering all 3 layers. Each build’s and upgrades previous one, bringing more benefits for the customer. • Automation layer with connection to Azure IotHub • SCADA system (based on ICONICS products and located in Azure Cloud) • Cognitive Optimization Service (COS – an A.I. algorithm) optimized for energy efficiency Data from automation (sensors and actuators) is transferred to the Azure IotHub and then to SCADA system (also running in Azur Cloud) where it is processed and displayed. A variety of clients can be used to visualize the data and if necessary, commands can be sent back. The relevant data is also passed to the COS to be analyzed, processed, and new optimized setpoint is calculated. This new set point is then sent back to controllers on automation layer. If building automation is already in place the implementation is faster, but if not, Robotina or other competent System Integrator can do it. Iconics products supports all major industrial communication protocols, what is resulting in straight forward integration. Interface between database used by Iconics and COS has been already used several times. Microsoft’s Azure offers highest reliability and provides a frame for connectivity from wherever and whenever. You will be able to see your data and manage your buildings any time from any place (with internet connectivity).