OneLink Citizen Mobile App for Local Governments

โดย Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.

OneLink is an integrated mobile app for local governments to engage and communicate with residents.

Make citizen engagement omnichannel with OneLink, the only extensible government mobile app platform for Dynamics 365. OneLink is a user-friendly mobile app for citizen engagement with government, including service requests, service status updates, notifications, payments, self-service, trash reminders, and more. In short, your city’s OneLink-created mobile app will be a one-stop-shop for citizens to engage with their government in meaningful ways.

  • Integrated and Centralized Constituent Relationship Management - OneLink works with most major government back-office software solutions, allowing for a more well-rounded citizen engagement tool stack. Our seamless out-of-the-box integrations allow you to spend less time with setup and more time interacting with your constituents.
  • Provide Transparent Citizen Experiences - OneLink allows citizens to track service requests, messages, and engage with you directly. Keep citizens informed and happy with automated and customizable status updates for all of their submitted requests.
  • Personalize Your Engagement Experience - Your deployment of OneLink will be unlike any other, as there are virtually unlimited configuration options for the app. You can even create multiple layouts and change up the look and feel of the app at will. Content in OneLink is dynamic, so any changes you make are reflected without the need for users to download updates.
  • Leverage Advanced Reporting & Analytics - The connections forged through OneLink create a valuable archive of citizen engagement data. This will allow you to make informed resource allocation and budgetary decisions, uncover trends in resident engagement and glean valuable insights on how to better serve your constituents.