Cloud Wallet: Take control of your cloud spend


No credit cards. No overspending. Manage everyone’s cloud use through prepaid wallets.

Cloud Wallet from

Cloud Wallet makes it impossible to overspend on cloud services. Instead, you’ll save money while setting spending limits for your company or departments.

How it works

  1. Add money to a prepaid wallet (or wallets)
  2. Set recharge limits for your company, departments, or different users
  3. Get notified once you approach these limits
  4. Relax, you can’t overspend – you haven’t added your credit card details
  5. Recharge again and continue using cloud services

What Cloud Wallet offers you

We're a Microsoft Direct Tier-1 Gold Partner, as well as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner – your data security is our top priority.
  • Controlled spending with fixed budgets
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: view monthly spend and predictions of next month’s usage
  • Plan properly, set limits and get notified when you reach usage milestones
  • Data is kept secure until you’re ready to recharge again
  • 82 different currencies supported: recharge with debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets like Paytm and more
  • Multi-tier management: set different limits for your teams or departments, or for individual employees or students.

Who benefits most from Cloud Wallet?

  • Educational institutions - Easily set limits, recharge, and manage cloud usage for different departments and students.
  • Enterprise customers - Recharge at enterprise, department & employee level. Enhance accountability while empowering your teams. Can allocate budgets for testing, staging and learning.
  • Students - Can learn programming – you don’t need to provide a credit card, so can’t run up a big bill.
  • Developers - No longer have to worry about overspending and can use Cloud Wallet’s automated cloud formation templates.
  • Startups - Don’t have to leave space on company credit cards and there’s no danger of huge bills.
  • Hackathons - Startups or enterprises can easily access and manage cloud accounts for hackathons.