Senseye PdM - Predictive Maintenance on Azure

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Microsoft preferred solution

Predictive Maintenance at scale, controlled by you, and guaranteed performance via insurer SCOR

When your machine health mattersMaximize machine effectiveness while minimizing operational costs, with products and services to power your unique predictive maintenance journey

Trusted by Fortune 500 industrial companies worldwide, Senseye PdM is an award-winning Predictive Maintenance solution to help cut unplanned downtime and increase maintenance efficiencies. With unmatched machine compatibility in combination with the financial security of ROI Lock™, Senseye PdM is a leading suite of software tools and services focused on ensuring your digital journey is achieved and sustained.

Our PdM family of solutions include: PdM CompletePdM EnterprisePdM OmniversePdM Stream, and PdM Experts.

  • Unmatched machine compatibility: With our advanced machine learning techniques, Senseye PdM is able to automate Predictive Maintenance across all machine types, from motors, compressors and pumps, to robots, stamping machines, CNCs, conveyors and more. Senseye PdM is both asset- and sensor-agnostic, and doesn’t require teams of data scientists or reliability experts to deploy or configure.
  • Financial Security: Deployment is rapid and actionable results are delivered in 14 days, enabling our customers to experience an ROI of less than 3 months. What’s more, all of this is backed through our insurance backed ROI Lock™ guarantee.
  • Maintainer Focused: Senseye PdM extends and empowers your maintenance professionals by using AI to learn not just from your machines, but also from the behaviors of your maintainers. That way, we can also tune our output to better reflect the experience, maturity, and needs of your maintenance professionals. 
  • Making you the Expert: We know that deploying Predictive Maintenance is a journey and we’re here to support you on every step. From selecting the right machines to supporting cultural change, Senseye PdM will ensure your success. Let industry veterans guide and empower your unique journey with the tools, knowledge, and change management expertise.

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