ServiceNow Order Management for Technology Providers OMTP

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Order Management for Technology Providers OMTP

Elevate customer experiences with exceptional order management capabilities

Order Management for Technology Providers

With everything-as-a-service (XaaS) and managed services proliferating, tech providers have tremendous opportunities ahead of them. However, as they expand their portfolios, launching and delivering products and services quickly become challenging, severely impacting the customer experience.
With siloed systems resulting in fragmented handoffs, inefficient orchestration of interdependent tasks, and labor-intensive manual processes, legacy order management creates poor experiences, potentially resulting in order fallout. Also, organizations lack a single view of customer information and order details, leading to longer service times and dissatisfied customers.
Orders from large enterprises commonly result in a full-blown long-running delivery project that needs to be managed effectively to ensure they are fulfilled with minimal delays. However, tech providers struggle to fulfill orders within committed timelines, resulting in long-running orders, poor customer experiences, delays to revenue, and possible penalties for SLA breaches.