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Telecommunications Network Inventory TNI

Build credible network inventory and redefine service experience

Telecommunications Network Inventory

The Network Inventory challenge

With the possibilities of 5G fueling the demand for new services, the telecommunications industry is quickly moving toward dynamic real-time customer service delivery experiences. However, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face many difficulties in automating the service lifecycle. Yet before automation can be leveraged, CSPs need accurate inventory data to be in sync with the network. There are many challenges CSPs face in providing accurate network inventory, including:
  • Exponential amount of network inventory
  • Multiple inventory systems
  • Redundancy and duplication of inventory systems
  • Long development cycles among network and software engineering to model equipment, design templates, and integrate inventory
  • Poorly disjointed business processes
To succeed, CSPs need accurate, consolidated inventory to automate the resource and service lifecycle. With trust in inventory data, CSPs can rapidly deploy services, maximize network investment, and redefine the service experience.

The ServiceNow solution

Redefine service experience with consolidated, accurate network inventory to automate the resource and service lifecycle, all on a single platform.
With ServiceNow, CSPs can easily manage the network resources required to deliver services faster and address issues proactively. ServiceNow’s Telecommunications Network Inventory product gives network engineers the power to accurately design, build, and manage network resources and services. Through automated workflows and an accurate view of your inventory lifecycle, it’s possible to optimize resource utilization and network investment.

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