Wats – Web Platform for Knowledge Sharing

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The Collaborative Solution to Share and Capitalize on Business Knowledge.

Wats allows companies to stay focused on their core business: quick access to information, knowledge capitalization and talent development.

Who benefits from Knowledge Sharing?

Your Company:

- Boost innovation by encouraging sharing among your team members

- Advance from top to bottom with a better overview of projects and experimental processes

- Manage skills with ease! Our solution accelerates skill improvement and reduces turnover costs by 30%

Your Teams:

- + 65% gain in information search

- Liberate Knowledge to unlock and mobilize your workforce skill base

- Innovation is key. Learn from past experiences and capitalize on shared knowledge to foster collective intelligence

Single point of access to information

Our multi-platform search engine allows everyone to easily access the information they need to work fast.
Thanks to its simplified keyword search (synonyms, expertises, tags), your teams will no longer waste time identifying the right expert or the right community.

Knowledge capitalization / Knowledge Management

Capture and keep track of your projects/best practices to improve your organization's profitability and foster innovation.
When the information does not exist, the employee can ask a question in one click and it will be automatically distributed to the right experts / knowledge communities. The answer(s) given to the employee will then be automatically capitalized in order to be accessible to all.

Manage sources connected and where questions go

Select in one click what databases will be retrieved by the search tool. Select the tool you want, click connect and it's live.
Optimize your teams guidance : define the keywords you want to be adressed to a specific team : all the next questions containing the keyword(s) will be posted on the selected team.

Technological / functional integrations

Wats interfaces with your tools: Sharepoint, Microsoft 365, and your dedicated softwares : CRM, ERP, ITSM, LMS, HRIS, CSR...

Regularly, we add new integrations with tools and third-party systems.